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    Class Room

    Our Class Rooms have a seating capacity of 30, are spacious, Air-conditioned and well-ventilated with natural and artificial lighting.  Ergonomically designed furniture gives students a healthy seating posture, combination of green glass and white boards, display boards and interactive smart boards are provided to facilitate the learning process.

    Play Pen

    A play pen is exclusively designed for our Pre-primary students to facilitate development of motor skills and enhance creativity.

    The play pen is equipped with Slides, Merry - Go - Round and so on.


    Play Ground

    The students are facilitated with favourable conditions to taste the joy of sport.
    To promote overall development of the child, the school has a vast playground which includes a cricket pitch, separate nets for practice, exclusive courts for Volleyball, Throw ball, Badminton.


    Highfields incorporates Science, English and Computer labs. To make the classroom teaching more effective we encourage the students to observe things along with listening. Through these labs the child gets an opportunity to contemplate on both action and reaction. Every student with regard to our domain, attends the lab with self-interest. Aspects like scientific research, utilizing technology, pronunciation, working on modern equipments, etc., are perfected in our lab.

    Our laboratory is equipped with an observation deck, allowing faculty members to view the room.


    Science Lab

    At Highfields, students are encouraged to explore and develop concepts in science.

    In our Science laboratories, students learn how to design and execute their own experiments, record their findings and draw up scientific reports.

    Teachers ensure that students follow adequate safety precautions during the experimental work in the lab.

    Computer Lab

    “We are changing the world with technology”. - Bill Gates

    Computer Education is provided from Class I onwards to make children techno-savvy.

    With the advancement in information technology, the world has become a smaller place and information has become unlimited.  At Highfields, we have a state of the art computer lab with 20 student desktops used to provide the best technology resourses.



    A great Library contains the diary of the human race”.
    (George Mercer Dawson)

    Libray period is allocated to each and every class in the time-table, to help students inculcate the habit of reading.

    Our school library is a store of knowledge with innumerable books, references, and periodical collections. Our librarian assists them in finding the appropriate books of their choice.


    We provide supportive and nurturing academic communities with plenty of adult supervision. Our talented, caring faculty help students develop consistent study habits and time-management skills. 

    The boarding community at Highfields provides a friendly, caring environment which is based upon family values. All boarding houses are maintained by live-in House-staff who in turn are supported by supervisors and matrons.